There occur in our life various incidents that, whilst appearing insignificant and unimportant to the ordinary mind – to the everyday incidents, impressions, consequences of everyday life and the ordinary life we lead – when inspected from the viewpoint of the ‘pathwalker’s’ mind are of immense significance to our spiritual evolution. Even in themselves they can be small and almost incidental, but somehow there are repercussion and consequences – those continuances which would not have happened had that original incident not taken place – whose results always move us forward – reluctantly or not – in our search.


It is difficult to identify these incidents without a great deal of introspection, but somehow, when we are in that other mind associated with our path (perhaps the mind of the spirit body?) they appear more clear. Is there are separation which it is easy to make: between anything which relates to our ordinary life and its desires/wishes/ambitions and anything which directly relates to our spiritual evolution; which had influence and implications for that directly? And are they rarely related?