Every human’s indulgence

Every one of you has, as intrinsic aspects of your displayed personality, habits, interests, opinions and characteristics which are there for no other reason than to attract attention to you and away from whoever is competing with you at that time for attention.

Now what happens if you take those idiosyncrasies and remove them one by one? Do it in private and feel. Feel naked? Feel exposed? Feel like you are disappearing? What is left when you take all those personal affectations away? Is it not simply a feeling? Which might seem fine at first. But then you will realise that it is a feeling that does not in any seem to differentiate you from anyone else; not only those that you might not be insulted to be counted amongst, but those that you cannot find one iota of commonality with. So what is left for you? What is left of your genuine interests? How can you express what you feel yourself to be – and not what you want people to perceive is you?

Difficult isn’t it?

If you have a genuine interest, pursue it without worry. Just don’t boast about it; catch yourself when you are trying to impress someone with it. Easy. And what you pursue simply because you want to impress others, drop like a stone. Just let it slip away, and your desire to impress with it.

You see, what is left is something that you cannot put into words unless you call it a feeling that has no counterpart in language; an impression that you cannot see in your mind’s eye. But that does not in any mean that it does not really exist. It is just that the means by which you might usually express whatever it is you usually express are no longer useful in this instance. And that must remain fine with you, because out of that inability to express what you actually perceive, feel, know, out of the doorway that is created when you cannot talk about what you are experiencing there will also flow the mysteries of the universe in which you live. Remember that the sun is not pretending to impress you, it simply is, and does. And it is no different for that tree out there, be it a sapling or something that is four hundred years old – neither of which are out to impress you in any way. But isn’t it interesting that the four hundred years old tree fascinates us, enthrals us, impresses us. Yet there is nothing about it that intrinsically showing off, trying to impress? Could it possibly be that what has accumulated during its existence is the power of its being? That is all. And that must give any of us who are struggling to understand how to exist without our ‘impressive’ traits food for thought. 

Perhaps all it takes is spending more and more time in the indescribable cloud of our true being.